How To Ensure Your Oil Tank Is Safe

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So, winter is quite near and there is a forecast of snowfall this season! Do you have a heating oil tank installed at your home? Did you check its condition and is it really safe for further use? Obviously, you should pay attention to these aspects before the weather gets cold. You have to make sure that the oil tank is in good condition or else, if it needs repair or maintenance, get professional oil tank service to make things right as soon as possible.

Having an oil tank in the home is not as simple as you would think. It needs you to think about the safety and protection of the inhabitants, meaning that you should keep check over its performance and trace problems before things get worse. Normally, oil tanks need maintenance and repair after every season in order to sustain their performance and efficiency. Since the oil tanks work continuously throughout the winter, you have to be extra careful while using the oil tanks for the second time. To do so, you should consider the following tips:

Check For Oil Leaks

When it comes to heating the home with oil, you should analyze the health hazards and environment damages caused by oil leakage. In fact, a few drops of oil can contaminate the whole tank of drinking water, meaning that if oil is leaking, it is one of the biggest problems you should take action for. Oil tanks usually leak or spill due to:

  • Improper installation
  • Broken fuel lines
  • Improper re-fueling
  • Internal corrosion

As a homeowner, you should protect the fuel lines and valve from physical damages caused by snow, ice or the likes. Make sure that oil tank is not installed under the stairs or deck and it cannot be easily accessed by kids. Apart from this, hiring expert inspectors can help you to avoid potential damages along with ensuring security of the property.

For more information on oil tank safety please visit the DEC website.

Tank Gauge Should Work Properly

Tank gauge is responsible for showing the amount of fuel available in the oil tank. It is, therefore, necessary that you keep check over its maintenance and make sure that it measures oil properly. In order to check its performance, following steps should be followed:

  • Read the heat oil tank gauge
  • Remove the tank gauge cover
  • Inspect the tank gauge cover
  • Test the tank gauge

Efficient Vent Alarm

Vent alarm is a system that reduces the chances of overfilling oil tank and enables dealer to heating oil dealer to avoid oil spill. This way, the environment and property will remain safe from significant damages and you do not have to spend extra money of its cleaning. Your task is to ensure that vent alarm is working properly and its whistles when the tank is full.

Tank Gauge Installation

When tank gauge tops working, you should immediately replace it with a new one but, make sure that you have hired professionals who have knowledge and tools to properly install tank gauge. Also, you should select a good quality tank gauge that can work for a longer time period.

Tank Whistle Is Working Properly

The primary purpose of tank whistle is to alarm that the oil tank is full and does not spill oil. So, if the whistle is not working properly, it might create problem in filling the tank as you would end up with overfilling the tank that ultimately causes damages to the property and environment.