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There are many options available to install an oil tank on Long Island, NY. Different companies offer different prices and quality. For Example, Granby standard is easy to install and gives 10 years warranty. The welded lap joint and oil tank prices 275 gallon is the strongest ones in it. It is always a tough tank.

Next one is the Granby 20plus tank which offers 20 years warranty time. It’s also leading the edge corrosion protection. Its sand color also reduce the condensation of the tank. It also has standard easy replacement dimension. There is a world leader infrastructural coating company (Madison Chemical Industries Inc.) which has developed this tank. It is also ultra-violate resistant tank. Granby eco-guard, it’s also double bottom leak detection and containment system available in it.

Above-Ground Tank Installation


This system eliminates the leakage risk of the tank. Long island oil tank installation becomes easy. It also has standard float leak detection system. Granby eco plus, it has some features of Granby eco-guard like it has the double bottom tank with leak detector system which eliminates the leakage risk. It also has standard float leak detection system install in it.


It has the polyurethane coating around the tank, which could resist pressuring to 25 psi (The maximum operating pressure is 1 psi), that ensures high safety protection against the leakage which caused of corrosion. This finish prevents external corrosion and is Ultra Violate resistant to protect the colors of the tank. The tanks which are made for oil heating are fabricated steel or plastic and can be installed outside or underground.


The cost of new oil tank of 250-330 gallon (it is the normal size range) and it’s about $1.50-2.00/gal capacity, so about the tank cost’s $500-700 tank cost, fuel fill line replacement and filters replacement if needed about $100-150 more. If the doubled walled tank you want with leak alarm the about to $500-600 more. Indoor tanks mostly fail by corrosion from the inside out from the water. The old heating tank can run $500-3,000 depending on the local rated and size of the tank. The condition of the tank should be good.


The tank which is above ground is mostly not so expensive as compared to the removals of the underground tanks. Oil tank installation cost is typically above ground and is more than $1,000-$2,000, it also depends on the size of the tank and types (That which quality of steel it has been used, fiberglass or combination and single or doubled wall construction).If you want to use an oil tank for heating the home then buy heating oil tank, because now the best oil tanks, with improved quality are the heating oil tanks for sale. There are some things you have to keep them in mind such as size of tanks, tank types, maintenance, integrity, control mechanism, protection of the tanks, testing, insurance and the cleaning of the tanks.

The price of oil tanks for heating homes, oil tanks for home, residential oil tank and environmental contamination risks are the important concerns for building owners and home buyers as a major cleanup and tank replacement costs can be involved. Some companies are providing authoritative, extensive free un-biased oil storage tank inspection and testing advice for the buyers and owners of the property.